Misconceptions About Managed Network Security


If you own or work for a growing small or medium-sized business, you might wonder if outsourced network management is a good option for your company. In most cases, the answer is yes. However, many companies arrive at that decision only after really taking the time to understand what a managed network service can bring to their businesses, and to also get past some of the misconceptions, which can include:

1. There is no need if you already have an IT department: In-house and outsourced IT departments do not need to act independently of each other. They can function as a single team. An outsourced network management company can work with your established team to take over menial day-to-day tasks that bog the team down. Network management firms also often have the ability to operate 24-7 when necessary, something that in-house IT departments usually don’t have.

2. Outsourced network management is only for big businesses: Businesses of all sizes have found that they can outsource network management, and as a result, they operate more safely and efficiently. Just about every business operating today, regardless of size, is vulnerable to network issues and threats. Businesses that have opted to outsource their network management can spend their resources and time on core business development instead of worrying about network security.

3. It’s too expensive: Managed network services are often scalable because every business is different and has different needs. A high-quality and service-oriented managed network company will take the time to learn about your industry and about your business. That way, they can tailor the optimum and most affordable service package for you by eliminating the things that are irrelevant to the way your business functions. A managed service provider should always be able work with within your budgetary guidelines.

4. Keeping everything in-house means better security: While it’s true that having all operations under one roof can mean more control, it doesn’t always mean more security. Outsourced network management offers increased security through business-hours or 24/7 monitoring, immediate threat response, timely software and hardware updates, data backup and more. These things can all be accomplished while keeping your in-house IT team completely in the loop, so there is no concession of control.

5. All network management companies are alike: When you outsource your network management, it often means that you will also trust them with your sensitive records, financial documents, customer data and other confidential information. Make sure the company you hire has a positive track record with clients in the past. Finally, look for them to make every effort to get to know your industry, your company and your staff.

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