Partnerships & Memberships

proselite200Capital Business Systems has been awarded a PROs Elite 100 certification – a national symbol of recognition and distinction in the Office Imaging industry. The PROs Elite 100 is awarded to a very limited number of organizations displaying world-class service delivery. Only 100 Office Imaging dealers in the United States and selected international markets earn PROs Elite 100 status. Capital Business Systems is the only independent dealer in the Wyoming and Nebraska markets to be awarded this distinction.


bpca200Capital Business Systems is a proud member of the Business Products Council Association (BPCA), a peer group of independent business technology dealers from across the U.S. representing the industry’s leading manufacturers. Capital Business Systems and other BPCA dealers exchange ideas, benchmarks, knowledge, and business strategies – allowing us to continually improve the service that we provide our customers.

bta200Founded in 1926, the Business Technology Association (BTA) serves office technology dealerships, resellers, manufacturers, distributors and service companies. Through the association’s various educational programs, information, research, legal services, publications and guidance, BTA member dealerships are positioned to be the premier source of the office technology used by businesses throughout the United States every day.


netpromoternet200Capital Business Systems uses Net Promoter, a management tool used to gauge the loyalty of our customer relationships. The average North American company has a Net Promoter Score of 10. Some well-loved companies reach scores into the 70s and 80s. Capital Business Systems routinely scores in the upper 80s and low 90s – placing us in the top 100 North American copier dealers using the NPS system. The Net Promoter System asks customers the reasons for their ratings using an unstructured, open-ended question. This provides our employees the opportunity to hear comments from customers every day – in their own words – and maintain our high level of customer support.