Wide Format

Wide format printers support document input/output sizes greater than 11″ x 17″. Unlike older analog devices, digital wide format products often incorporate additional technologies and can also serve as a network printer and/or scanner.

Wide format devices accept roll-fed paper, enabling the production of large-scale documents such as blueprints, schematics, floor plans, maps, signage, banners, posters, etc.

Most devices offer CAD-centric environments all of the document creation, capture, storage and distribution tools that they require – usually right out of the box. These versatile MFPs support color copying, printing and scanning of virtually any large-format technical document – design plans, schematics, display signage, poster and maps.

These devices eliminate the need to integrate a separate color scanner and/or printer, saving space and reducing your carbon footprint. A wide selection of paper roll size selections, resolution settings, color adjustments, thumbnail views, and many other imaging tools deliver high-quality output from start to finish.

Security of certain documents, such as new proprietary product plans, building blueprints and satellite imagery is always a concern. Most devices incorporate multiple device and data security features, such as authentication requirements, user log in and lockout, PDF password protection and PIN validation. Encryption and overwrite features are also available. These multiple levels of security help improve accountability, increase regulatory compliance and boost information assurance.

Combined with Capital Business System’s Managed Print Services, a wide format printer brings a printing shop into your office. Contact us today to learn more.