Printer Lease Expirations: Signs It’s Time to Upgrade & Things to Know About Renewals


Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Printer Lease

  1. Increased Downtime:
    • Frequent breakdowns or maintenance issues.
    • Reduced reliability and increased frustration.
  2. Outdated Technology:
    • Incompatibility with current software and hardware.
    • Lack of modern features such as wireless printing, cloud integration, or security enhancements.
  3. Rising Operational Costs:
    • Increasing costs for maintenance, parts, and consumables.
    • Higher energy consumption compared to newer models.
  4. Decreased Print Quality:
    • Poor print quality or inconsistency in output.
    • Difficulty in handling newer print media or formats.
  5. Inefficient Performance:
    • Slower print speeds impacting productivity.
    • Limited paper handling capacity and outdated user interface.
  6. End of Lease Terms:
    • Approaching the end of the lease agreement.
    • Better financial options available with a new lease.

Upgrading or renewing your printer lease requires careful consideration of your current and future needs, financial implications, and the potential benefits of new technology. Regularly assessing the performance and cost-effectiveness of your printing solutions ensures that your operations remain efficient and up-to date.