Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Architects, engineers and contractors have unique needs when it comes to their print environments. As a business owner, productivity and cost efficiency are key. For your customers, whether they require blueprints, schematics, floor plans or maps, quality and accuracy are mandatory. Print and scan devices from Capital Business Systems can streamline your document workflows and remove the burden of print management from your shoulders so that you may focus on your customers.

Wide Format Printing
The ability to produce the materials you need in-house can provide your team with the ability and speed to outmaneuver the competition. In-house, wide format technology has a positive impact on your printing budget. It also allows you to:

• Enjoy fast output, easy operation and superior image quality in both color and B&W
• Provide fast turnaround on client revisions by printing on demand
• Meet the needs of both headquarters and field operations

Managed Print Services
Our Managed Print Service experts can evaluate your current business processes, print configuration and supply usage and implement a comprehensive managed printing plan to optimize your document output and processes, as well as actively manage your output needs from supplies to final output.

The Benefits

Proper Integration with CAD Software – our wide-format systems integrate seamlessly with most CAD packages.

Fast Output – Enterprise-level devices from Capital Business Systems render your jobs quickly and extremely accurately.

Scan Drawings for Emailing or Archiving – Capture field notes on your drawings and then scan them to your computer. Our document management services can also to provide secure, searchable access to your scanned information.

The Solutions

Capital Business System’s managed print, document and network services have been developed to help architecture, engineering and construction businesses be more efficient and operate more cost-effectively, while maintaining the highest level of customer care. Our scalable solutions can administer any or all aspects of a print or IT environment:

Managed Print Services Managed Network Services Managed Document Services Elevate