As their programs and budgets continue to face reductions, educational institutions face many challenges, such as finding ways to increase productivity with smaller budgets, continually engaging students by creating appealing print and online course materials, and ensuring that staff and student information is kept secure.

The Challenges

Accessing new technology
Because many educational programs remain rooted in a paper-based environment, educators must be able to assemble, print, store, and share a higher volume of documents more easily. They must also find ways to incorporate cloud and mobile technologies into their curriculums to keep students engaged.

Keeping student information confidential
Securing students’ personal and educational information has always been a high priority, but now it’s also a legal priority (FERPA). The proliferation of new devices and technology utilized in schools makes it necessary to find effective ways to limit unauthorized access to data and devices.

Securing your network
Educational organizations manage sensitive, private information, so they make optimal targets for hackers and virulent software programs. When schools don’t monitor how and where employees – and students – access their network(s), the possibility of a security breach is an ongoing concern.

Achieving sustainability and accessibility goals
By leveraging products and services that conserve energy, improve efficiency, and reduce waste, schools and other educational institutions can meet their goals through energy-efficient technologies – without compromising features or performance.

The Solutions

Capital Business System’s managed print, document, and network services have been developed to help schools and other educational institutions become more efficient and operate more cost-effectively while maintaining the highest level of student attention. Our scalable solutions can administer any or all aspects of a print or IT environment:


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