Solutions for Government


, Government agencies of all sizes — from local to national —  face real challenges. Reduced budgets and legislated mandates force agencies to contain costs and review their print and IT environments.

The Challenges

Shortened deadlines with reduced budgets mean agencies must do more with less. Repetitive, manual document processes can to be streamlined and automated to help improve efficiency.

Keeping your network secure
Because agencies handle sensitive, private information, they make an inviting target for hackers and malicious software programs. If an agency can’t always control how and where employees access their network(s), possible security breaches are an ongoing concern.

Securing devices, documents, and sensitive data
While agencies might invest heavily to protect their networks and facilities, they might not be doing the same for their office technologies. Inadequate security measures can allow both accidental and malicious issues to occur.

Cost containment
Budget cuts present a constant challenge. Governmental organizations need to keep office technology costs, including service and supplies managed.

Providing mobile access and printing
As government agencies integrate multiple formats of mobile devices into their workflow, access to the proper technologies can expedite the document management process.

Green initiatives are important to a government agency and its constituents. Utilizing cost-effective technology can help lower an agency’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.

The Solutions

Capital Business System’s managed print, document, and network services help government agencies be more efficient and operate more cost-effectively. Our scalable solutions can administer any or all aspects of a print or IT environment:

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