Digital Presses

Having a digital press gives your office the competitive advantage of producing a high volume of materials at a fraction of the cost. Digital presses from Capital Business Systems offer a number of benefits, including:

Quality – today’s desktop and floor-standing printers are capable of quality and fidelity that rivals traditional offset printing presses.

High Speed – Digital presses can operate at speeds of over 100 pages per minute. There is no substitute for producing a quick turnaround on a high-volume project.

Low Operational Cost – High-volume digital presses operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional copy machines. In-house digital printing eliminates setup costs. Small print runs, normally the bane of outsourced printing, become more affordable.

Versatility – Digital presses are great for any number of uses and industries, providing solutions for schools, marketing departments, and even print shops. Add the ability to print on a wide variety of paper types and sizes and you have a viable in-house solution.

Security – Certain documents demand higher levels of confidentiality, By bringing production in-house, you can eliminate many security gaps and concerns from the start. Today’s digital printers offer unique security safeguards such as disk image overwrite and PIN enabled job release.

When you bring your printing in-house, you gain complete control of the print queue and its priorities. Even when deadlines compete with each other, you can respond to last minute changes faster and shorten project turnaround times.

If you would like to learn more about how your business could benefit from a digital press, please contact us.