Communicate. Collaborate. Innovate.

whiteboardRicoh Interactive Whiteboards bring ideas together. They allow you to share and review designs, blueprints, spreadsheets and more in high definition, while adding handwritten notes and precise edits.

Ranging in size from 21 to 84 inches, these high-resolution touch screen monitors connect to nearly any audio-visual device, as well as a PC or Mac® using third-party software that emulates mouse control, performs multi-touch control and simultaneous drawing.

Collaborative presentations
On a wired or wireless network, you can connect up to 20 RICOH Interactive Whiteboards in order to reach remote clients and coworkers without losing any of the collaborative tools. Get real-time feedback, provide multimedia information, and make more informed decisions – all while minimizing travel costs.

Remote participants inside can access your presentation from the web browser on their smartphone, tablet, PC or other device. Wherever they are, every participant will be able to see every edit or change to your presentation as you make it, so they always have the most up-to-date information.

One-stop collaboration hub with document annotation and web browsing capabilities:
• Video conference-ready with built-in speakers and microphone, enhanced by Ricoh camera (optional)
• Integrates with Ricoh video conference services: UCS and UCS Advanced, and Skype™ for Business
• Designed for ease of use with two controller options: original Ricoh and OS free
• Adding Ricoh Streamline NX (SLNX) enables secure card-based device access and allows you to email and
print anything produced on the whiteboard

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