New legislation and rising costs are forcing healthcare (medical and dental) practices of all sizes to find ways to be more efficient and profitable without sacrificing patient care.

The Challenges for Healthcare

Improving security and patient privacy
Maintaining the security of patient information is a steady source of concern for this industry. Data security can be compromised intentionally or by accident. Having proper safeguards in place is more than just good business sense; it’s the law (HITECH, HIPAA).

MORE: Download the “HIPAA and Cloud IT” white paper here.

Strategic cost management
Providers are under increasing pressure to reduce costs while maintaining the highest level of patient service and care. Managed print, document, and network services can help increase productivity while managing costs.

Improving workflow efficiency
The industry now produces more patient-relevant documentation than ever. Office technologies can be leveraged to streamline the admission and discharge process, document distribution, and create a more productive healthcare facility.

Keeping your network secure
Because providers handle sensitive, personal information, they make inviting targets for hackers and malicious software programs. If a healthcare provider does not adequately control how and where their staff accesses their network, the possibility of a security issue remains constant.

Providing mobile access and printing
As providers of all types integrate mobile devices into their workflow, access to the proper technologies can expedite the document management process.

Environmental responsibility
As one of the largest 24/7 industries, healthcare is uniquely positioned to promote environmentally conscious behavior. Office technologies are a significant place to begin making an impact.

The Solutions

Capital Business System’s managed print, document and network services are designed to help providers be more efficient and operate more cost-effectively, while maintaining the highest level of patient care. Our scalable solutions can administer any or all aspects of a print or IT environment:

Managed Print Services Managed Network Services Managed Document Services Elevate for Healthcare