Solutions for the Legal Industry


Legal firms rely on a mixture of digital and printed output to store and exchange information. As the amount of documentation increases, and as additional requirements are placed on these organizations, they must find ways to efficiently and cost-effectively meet these challenges.

The Challenges

Streamlining workflow
To ensure that cases are efficiently managed, law firms need to develop streamlined methods for gathering, converting, distributing, retrieving, and archiving documents.

Maintaining the security and confidentiality of client information
Clients trust law firms with their information. Because a firm’s data security might be compromised by accident or by malicious intent, proactive security measures are a business necessity.

Keeping your network secure
Because law firms handle sensitive, personal information, they make an inviting target for malicious activity. When you consider that some legal organizations don’t adequately manage how and where staff access their network, the possibility of a security breach remains a source for concern.

Increasing revenue while containing costs
During case preparation and discovery, law firms need efficient ways to scan, print, copy and fax important documents, sometimes to multiple recipients. They must also be able to track these procedures and accurately incorporate them into their billing process through a document management solution.

Providing mobile access and printing
As legal organizations of all types integrate mobile devices into their workflow, access to the proper technologies can aid the document management process.

The Solutions

Capital Business System’s managed print, document and network services are designed to help legal organizations be more efficient and operate more cost-effectively. Our scalable solutions administer any or all aspects of a print or IT environment:

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