Increasing competition, rising energy costs, and new regulations mean that manufacturers have to operate more efficiently, comply quicker, get their products to market faster, and protect their IP and trade secrets.

The Challenges

Maximizing operational efficiencies
While most manufacturing businesses leverage new technologies to help achieve their budgetary and performance goals, print and document management often gets overlooked as a viable option for maximizing efficiency.

Improving security and protecting intellectual property
Manufacturing businesses need solutions designed to help ensure that their printed, scanned, and stored information remains confidential and secure.

Securing your network
The IP and other private information generated by manufacturing businesses make can make them prime targets for harmful software programs and hackers. When businesses don’t monitor how and where employees access their network(s), the possibility of a security breach – whether intentional or not – remains a constant concern.

Satisfying regulations and compliance issues
In order to manage costs, prevent unnecessary audits, and protect against litigation, manufacturers need solutions that can help organize documents while enforcing compliance requests.

The Solutions

Capital Business System’s managed print, document and network services have been developed to help manufacturing businesses be more efficient and operate more cost-effectively, while maintaining the highest level of customer care. Our scalable solutions can administer any or all aspects of a print or IT environment:

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