Card and Label Printers

Today’s dye-based Inkjet label printers are built for improved productivity, high quality output, and increased security. There is no need to spend time, money, and storage space on pre-printed product, information, and logistic labels when these easy-to-use devices allow you to print on-demand and in your own workspace.

Inkjet label printing allows to you to create custom labels that are specific to each product or task. For example, this means that items can have color coded inventory labels, allowing items to be retrieved faster since they have an increased visibility – resulting in improved operational efficiencies.

Dye-based ink is ideal for creating brilliant and expressive labels that can capture a customer’s attention and make your products stand out. The colors are brighter and more vivid than pigment inks, and the blacks they produce can be much deeper.

Inkjet label printers are simply more efficient than thermal ribbon printers by how they use ink. While thermal transfer ribbons use an entire area of ribbon, including the parts which are not used, inkjet printing is efficient and only uses ink on the parts to be printed. Not only is this more efficient by reducing waste, but it allows for faster print speeds allowing for increased productivity.

Moreover, since the printed information will not be recorded on ribbons, which need to be manually discarded, it keeps your sensitive information safe.

Desktop card printers are a fast, high-quality and secure solution for printing 2 and 4-inch plastic and paper business cards on-demand. They are ideal for printing on-site corporate ID cards, school & university ID cards, visitor passes & badges, and business cards – where speed, reliability, and quality count. With support for both plastic and paper media, you will be able to print all your identification needs from a single machine. All the ID and business cards are printed on the spot, meaning you can customize and adjust credentials based on your ever changing needs.

These advanced printers can turn out paper or plastic cards at speeds up to 100 cards per minute (depending on media being used). With an ultra-crisp inkjet print resolutions, photo image quality and dye-based inks for colorful graphics and vivid colors, images and text on business cards always look sharp and crisp, ID badges are easier to identify, and barcodes scan on the first try.

Compared to cumbersome, hard-to-change, thermal printer ribbons that need to be replaced after a few hundred prints, these easy-to-replace inkjet printer cartridges that last for thousands of prints. A great convenience during busy periods.