Document Security

Office technology continually evolves. The increased capabilities and integrated functions linking these machines to corporate networks have also created new levels of document security awareness.

Capital Business Systems works with you to help ensure that your print management and printing security needs are met and exceeded. Multiple customizable security options are available:

User Authentication

  • Secure print jobs to be released only to approved users
  • Implement user codes or proximity cards already in use for other systems
  • Reduce information security breaches, protect confidential information, and deter employees from leaking information

Network Security

  • Permit only authorized users access to certain devices
  • Provide secure network infrastructure
  • Improve traffic routing and device management

Hard Disk Drive Protection

  • Secure information by encrypting accumulated data as it is stored
  • Overwrite each time a job is executed or when equipment is decommissioned
  • Key lock protected removable HDD can be stored or disposed of as industry regulations may require

Audit trails

  • Audits are real-time activity reports detailing all relevant printer use details such as print job time and date, user name, file name, number of pages, copies, file size, printer name and server details.


  • If an incorrect password is entered the number of times specified by the administrator, the user lockout function prevents further login attempts.

Secure print release

  • Secure print release places print jobs in a holding state until the user or administrator authenticates and releases the job at the printer.

As with any networked device, an imaging and printing device must be included within a company’s overall security strategy to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information. Utilizing Managed Document Services provides a competitive advantage in the digital protection of confidential documents. Contact us today to learn more about how to increase the security of your documents.