Our Guarantee

As the premier supplier of office equipment in the Midwest & Rocky Mountain Regions, Capital Business Systems, Inc. is proud to offer our customers the following guarantees:

Your new system will perform to your satisfaction or you are entitled to a replacement with the same or comparable features at no charge.

Your new system will maintain a 98% level of uptime or your money back for the time it is down.  Plus, a free loaner if your copier or fax is out of service for more than (8) working hours in Zone 1 areas.

Service Support
As a priority contract customer, you will receive prompt professional service.  Response to your emergency service calls will average (4) hours in Zone 1 areas.  Your copying or printing system will be serviced by trained technicians who will make adjustments and repairs quickly.

Supplies & Parts
Your new system comes with a guarantee on availability of services, parts, and supplies from date of installation.  Capital Business Systems, Inc. will maintain a local inventory of supplies and parts to help insure prompt repair of your system.

If additional features are required or your office copying or printing requirements change rapidly, you are entitled to upgrade to new equipment based on the following “Upgrade Allowance” applied to your original purchase price.