Managed Print Services FAQ

Why does a print strategy matter to my organization?
Through expert strategic planning, management, monitoring, and measuring of your print environment, a managed print service will enhance productivity and cut costs, allowing you to focus on – and continue to grow – your business.
What are the benefits of a Capital Business Systems Managed Print Service?
  1. Known printing costs
  2. Up to a 30% savings on print-related costs
  3. Page volumes are measured and managed
  4. Devices are standardized and consolidated
  5. Print environment is managed holistically
  6. I.T. staff involvement is significantly reduced
Does a Managed Print Service cost more than managing our print environment ourselves?

When you factor in the benefits listed above, the money you save in hardware costs, supply costs, service costs, and resources (which, when taken together are commonly referred to as your Total Cost of Ownership or TCO), a Managed Print Service can typically end up saving you between 10%-30% on your printing costs.

What is TCO – Total Cost of Ownership?

TCO refers to all the hard costs involved in making a print – the cost of the printer, supplies and ongoing support. In a Capital Business Systems assessment, understanding the TCO is the first step towards moving to a Capital Business Systems Managed Print Service.

Can Capital Business Systems help me determine how to best use printer technology at my business?

Yes. Your Capital Business Systems expert has experience and training relating to multifunction and network print device technology, and how your organization’s workflow can be optimized. Utilizing a print environment assessment, they can determine the project scope.

What is the Assessment and how long does it take?

An assessment will look at your printing investment, equipment deployment, workflow, paper costs and the length and terms of vendor contracts and agreements that are in place for supplies. Most importantly, we spend time with you and your staff in order to truly identify what your needs is and how we can support them. Once completed, we sit down with you to personally deliver our findings and suggested solutions. Assessment times vary and usually depend on the size of your organization. Each situation is different and Capital Business Systems takes the time to truly understand your entire print environment.

Why should I consider an Enterprise class printer?

Enterprise class printers are designed specifically to serve businesses and differ from typical off-the-shelf printers. They offer a lower total cost of ownership due to their integrated business functionality and lower ongoing support costs. Through their onboard processing capabilities, they minimize the impact on networks and IT management time.

Enterprise class print solutions can also help protect sensitive documents by providing multiple secure printing capabilities. As an example, users can submit a print job from their computer or mobile device and then securely retrieve it from any solution-enabled printer.

How flexible is a Managed Print Service contract?

Every business is different and has different requirements, so there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Every Managed Print Service from Capital Business Systems is customized for the specific customer, and takes into account their current print environment, their TCO, and their future business and printing needs. Your Managed Print Service contract will include the best possible options for your business.

How much control will we have over our print environment?

You will still have complete control over your print environment. As your Managed Print Service provider, we become an extension of your IT staff focused on printer related issues. We will proactively manage the routine maintenance of your office technology so that you don’t have to. All final decisions regarding your printer or copier fleet will remain yours.

Does a Capital Business Systems environment support our “Going Green” initiative?

Managing a printer fleet goes hand in hand with being environmentally concerned.

  • Reduce wasteful printing and redundant resources
  • Reuse – Make better use of the existing fleet by extending its useful life.
  • Recycle – Dispose of supplies and printers in an environmentally friendly way.