Digitized documents are the new normal. Scanning documents is as essential to your business process today as photocopying was 20 years ago. Scanners are an integral part of any office technology system. It’s tied into your network and can be integrated into a scalable document management system.

A scanner can do more than provide a digital document copy. It can route it for you directly from the machine. Documents can be shared across multiple platforms like email, the cloud, and third-party applications. Scanned documents can be accessed remotely – from anywhere and on most devices.


Low operating costs – Scanning documents eliminates the need for bulky paper document storage. Instead, the additional space and budget can add value to the business.

Improved security – Storing information in digital form and deploying restrictions on access enhances the confidentiality of business information.

Reduced risk of loss – Scanning documents reduces the risk of losing vital information and business opportunities due to a lack of timely access to information.

Improved access – Document scanners have the one-touch functionality of sharing the scanned document across multiple platforms such as email, on the cloud, and third-party applications.

Improved productivity – A digital filing system makes it easier to search for information using a keyword or phrase, reducing the time it takes employees to complete tasks.

Disaster recovery – Investing in a document scanner can be a valuable disaster management tool because scanned documents stored on computers tend to be routinely backed up.

By their very nature, scanners also reduce paper waste and desk clutter.

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