Does Your Fax System Make the Grade?

eGoldFax Pure Cloud Faxing™ for Education and FERPA Compliance
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 is a United States federal law protecting student education records and other personally identifiable information. eGoldFax ensures documents containing confidential information are transmitted securely and helps educational institutions avoid the consequences of violating FERPA guidelines.

eGoldFax Addresses Key Priorities for Education

  1. Efficiency & Productivity. Fax directly from the email application you are already using, eliminating the need for user onboarding and training.
  2. Reliability. Never miss a critical fax due to a busy signal or a paper jam. The eGoldFax telephony data centers provide a vast array of virtual fax ports that provide on-demand scalability when you need it.
  3. Cost Savings. Eliminate the cost of fax hardware, analog fax lines, and long-distance fax transmission charges.
  4. Data Protection. Route faxes directly to specific users, departments, or business processes, ensuring confidential faxes are not visible on shared fax devices, using DID fax numbers.
  5. Remote Access. Send and receive faxes from anywhere using the email application you are already using, helping schools stay connected with administrators, staff, students, and parents when remote learning is necessary.

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