That Old Printer


If it’s time to move on to a new printer because the old one doesn’t work any longer, what will you do with the old one? You don’t want to let it gather dust in a quiet corner of the office, and you certainly don’t want to add more trash to the local landfill.

You do have other options:

Locate a Licensed Disposal Facility
If you’ve purchased your printer or copier from a retailer (off-the-shelf), and donating it is unmanageable, then you may need to search out your closest licensed disposal facility. More often than not, it’s probably closer than you think.

Some disposal facilities are privately run, some are governmentally-managed. Either way, these organizations will dispose of your copy machine, printer, or fax machine in a legal, environmentally safe way. Disposal facilities take printers or copy machines and break them down into composite materials, which can then be recycled and entered back into the manufacturing process, reducing the burden on the environment and preserving natural resources.

Manufacturer or Supplier Take-Back
Check with the manufacturer of the machine. Some of the major manufacturers have “take-back” programs that recycle e-waste such as non-working copiers and printers. Not only does this option keep the hazardous materials out of the landfill, but it allows the manufacturer to recapture and reuse many resources from the machine such as raw materials and heavy metals.

If you’ve purchased your device from a managed services supplier, they too may offer some sort of reclamation program. Check with them at the initiation of any managed services contract to see what is available.

Whichever option you choose, the most important thing is that you make the extra effort to recycle or repurpose your copy machine or printer.

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