The printing needs of any organization, no matter what size, rarely decrease. And whether you rely on just a few laser printers, or a fleet of hard working, wide-format plotters to support your business, the associated costs can account for a surprisingly large chunk of your budget.

Leasing printers, instead of buying them, can have a positive impact on your budget while providing the devices that continue to give your business a competitive advantage. As your organization’s hardware needs evolve, leasing printers can also provide print environment management.

Leasing Keeps Equipment Fresh
An inherent aspect of leasing printers is that a lease has fixed starting and end points. By being able to plan for the point when the equipment will be returned to the leasing company, you are better able to take advantage of the latest and greatest hardware available. You have the ability to plan ahead for new technology and avoid falling behind improvements in equipment design or features.

Reallocate Working Capital as Necessary
Purchasing a printer, and especially a fleet of printers, requires a large, upfront, outlay of capital. Even financed purchases require sizable down-payments. Leases often stipulate may stipulate smaller installment payments, but they usually represent a much more modest upfront investment. The capital saved by leasing can allow you to reallocate your money to other business-building areas, such as staff growth or expansion plans.

Fixed vs Unanticipated Costs
Printers, as with any other kind of device, are prone to maintenance and repair issues that cannot always be planned for. Owners can be liable for those costs without notice. Lease payments become a tax-deductible, monthly part of your budget and often include maintenance and repair costs folded into the payments. Leases may also provide buyout clauses that enable you to purchase the hardware at a reduced cost at the end of the lease term.

Bundling Hardware and Supplies
Leasing a printer can allow the cost of supplies to be included in the fixed cost of the monthly payment. Depending on the device and the leasing agency you choose, you might also be able to get a service agreement that includes ink or toner for a fixed number of printouts per a set period of time. This type of lease turns both your hardware and your supply payments into a fixed cost for which you can be budgeted and anticipated.

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