Using Managed Print Services to Reduce Your Budget


Today’s business landscape seems to change in the blink of an eye. That holds especially true for the technology that supports your business. Whether we’re talking about your office’s computer, scanner, printer, and peripheral devices – and all of the upgrades, patches, digital support software, and essential security software needed to keep them safe – there is a lot for you to consider and to manage. If the prospect seems overwhelming, or just too time consuming and expensive, hiring a managed print services (MPS) provider might be your best option.

The goal of print management is cost savings and improved productivity, but a good print management program takes multiple issues into consideration. Managed print services consolidate every aspect of physical document production. They identify new solutions, tech upgrades, and business optimization methods.

Managed Print Services can reduce the burden of printing maintenance on office staff, ensure software and drivers are updated, and identify potential problems before costly repairs are needed. In addition to providing maintenance, an MPS agreement often includes supplies. Purchasing individual supplies at variable costs from multiple vendors is no longer necessary.

Before implementing Managed Print Services, our document assessment will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current printing environment and how to appropriately deploy equipment for added efficiency and cost savings.

The definition of Managed Print Services is broad, but the goal is simple: gaining visibility and control of your printing to save money and boost productivity. With dedicated account support, MPS will help you:

• Monitor and reduce the overall cost of printing with continual tracking of office printing

• Minimize downtime and delays with preventative maintenance

• Order high-quality printing supplies at a reduced, fixed cost

• Determine the best ways to reduce costs and redundancy without sacrificing productivity

• Improve your print environment through new devices and recommendations

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