For most IT departments and personnel, managing and repairing printers is a drag. Simply put, there are more important things for your IT department to pay attention to, especially in times of rapid growth. They need to be able to focus on strategic initiatives that push your company forward, not performing routine maintenance or worrying about upgrading equipment.

The problem with this reality is that a mismanaged printer fleet can cost your business money and a significant amount of it. Even the most careful budget hawks are often unaware of the exorbitant costs associated with maintaining printing from end-to-end. Because printing encompasses so many aspects, from the physical pages printed to the staff hours used on malfunctioning equipment, it’s hard to put a dollar figure to the overall expense printing represents in your business.

How do You Count the Costs?

Some attempts have been made at quantifying this cost, however, and the research has found that implementing managed print services can save your company up to 30% in printing-related costs. This is because you’ll have a team of experts solely devoted to optimizing your total print environment, end-to-end.

Instead of asking your overtasked IT department to add another strategic task to their already full schedules, you can outsource and experience the benefits of expert care. IT personnel generally only have time in investing in printer functionality; in other words, they can only ensure that a printer is working. But optimizing your company’s printing goes so far beyond simply functioning. Consider the advantages afforded by managed print services.

  • Budget visibility for your entire printing operation, down to machine and user stats
  • Full optimization of your print equipment, ensuring that your devices are being used at or close to full capacity
  • Consolidation and outsourcing of printing supplies ordering
  • Routine maintenance and fast response time for repairs

Managed print services can help you move beyond the frustration of broken printers and overworked IT departments. Focus on your company’s success instead of your printers.

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