Colors in printed materials can have a defined and real psychological impact on readers. Here are some ways people react to different colors:

• Red – A strong color, red is frequently used to grab readers’ attention and as a trigger to spur them to action, as in call-to-action buttons, or to emphasize due dates for assignments.

• Orange – Providing a sense of warmth and cheerfulness, orange is used by many commercial brands. It is also often used to foster a welcoming atmosphere.

• Yellow – Like red, yellow tones are great for attracting people’s attention. Whereas red is better used to inspire others to take action, yellow is a better fit for highlighting dates and activities to make sure people know when they’re happening.

• Green – This color has become almost synonymous with environmentalism and sustainability. At the same time, it’s used to evoke feelings of durability, reliability, nature, relaxation and freshness.

• Blue – A color adopted by many large businesses, blue conveys professionalism, loyalty and trust. Some may consider using this color when communicating changes in policies or other announcements.

• Purple – This color helps convey a feeling of power and sophistication, as well as mystery and magic.

Consider these next time you design a printed piece and use them wisely! For more information on our color print solutions, please contact us today.