Today it seems like everyone has a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and every other device technology comes up with. What all these devices have in common is they are more than likely jam-packed with memories. Some devices hold pictures; some hold passwords, and some hold important emails. If you haven’t backed up your files from your devices, you are in danger of losing all of your files and pictures. Even the best IT personnel can’t always recover lost files or recover files from a stolen device.

Stay ahead of a disaster with these two easy ways to back up your files:

  1. External Hard Drive – For your personal computer, pictures, and files think about purchasing an external hard drive. External hard drives are great for keeping personal files and you can store them in safe places making it safer if your devices get stolen or lost, you still have your back up file. You can back up contacts, photos, emails, and more without having to spend a lot of money.
  2. Cloud Back Up – When it comes to your work and office files it may be in your best interest to use cloud storage. Cloud storage has the capacity to store large amounts of files; larger then most external hard drives. When you store your backup files on a cloud storage system you can have access to all of your files from different locations. If a natural disaster occurs, your workflow can continue from a different location.

If losing everything you have worked so hard on doesn’t scare you into backing up your files, maybe seeing how easy it is to back them up will motivate you to stay safe with your files and back them up today!