Poor document management and security can increase the risk of information theft. This is an issue not only for large businesses, but small companies can be targeted as well. Making the assumption that, as a small business, you are safe can result in unexpected issues of theft. Don’t be caught off guard, prepare in advance.

User Authentication

User authentication is built into document output security products in order to prevent information from being viewed from unauthorized personnel. These options allow you to set passwords on certain print jobs, so they can only be received by specific employees. Your company can also create equipment user codes to prevent multifunction devices from being accessed by individuals outside of the company. Adding these extra security measures not only prevents theft from outside the company, it deters employees from potentially leaking information.

Network Security

As an additional layer of security, you can deny access to certain devices for anyone outside a specific department. Confidential documents can be routed to dedicated devices and only employees within a certain department can be granted printing and copying permissions to that device. Not only is the additional security enforced behind a firewall, but efficient device management is easily implemented.

Hard Disk Drive Protection

Encrypting data as it is sent to and stored on a multifunction device can further decrease the possibility of theft. When the device is decommissioned, the data can easily be overwritten, removing all information and ensuring data security through the life of the device.

Security leaks are a constant issue in the news and day-to-day business. Don’t allow your business to be caught off guard when the right technology for your needs is readily available. If you would like more information before making the decision to improve your document security, feel free to contact us at Capital Business Systems.