Remanufactured Equipment


Small and medium-sized businesses are constantly finding new ways to maximize their budgets while optimizing their technology spending to keep up with the competition.

One option for businesses to consider is purchasing remanufactured equipment when it comes to office technology.

What remanufactured equipment is not

Remanufactured equipment is not the same as used equipment. When we think of “used,” we think of equipment passed from one business to another. The business that receives the used equipment also inherits all the issues surrounding that equipment – broken or worn out parts, hard-to-find supplies, outdated software, etc. In most cases, no attempt to rectify these issues is completed before the equipment changes hands, forcing the receiving business to address the problems.

What remanufactured equipment is

Remanufactured equipment has been dismantled, cleaned, updated, and reintroduced into the marketplace by experts – more often than not by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) themselves.

Not every device gets accepted into the remanufacturing process. If a device is too worn, damaged, or old, it is not suitable for remanufacturing.

The equipment gets treated the same as brand new equipment throughout the entire remanufacturing process – the initial dismantling, part replacements, refinishing, software updating, testing, and repackaging. No remanufactured device is released from the remanufacturing facility until it meets many of the same specs that new equipment does. Remanufactured equipment must meet additional ISO and UL certifications before leaving the factory.

Ecological Impact

Relying on remanufactured devices makes a much more significant ecological contribution to your company than simply recycling:

One remanufactured device means numerous pounds of plastic and metal don’t make it to local landfills.

One remanufactured device means fewer manufacturing and transportation toxins added to the air we breathe.

One remanufactured device means one more way for you to show your clients that you are serious about your ecological commitments.

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