The Ricoh GreenLine Series

If your organization is like most, it is being continually challenged to find new ways to maximize budgets, optimize technology spending, and reduce your company’s environmental impact. When it’s time to evaluate and purchase document production equipment, how can your organization meet these goals without sacrificing performance and workflow efficiency?

The answer is simple and the solution is easy to execute: choose Ricoh GreenLine™ Series remanufactured equipment.

The Ricoh GreenLine Series gives companies like yours access to like-new MFPs and printers with the added benefit of enjoying cost and environmental savings as compared to purchasing new equipment.

The Ricoh GreenLine Series
Each product offered within The GreenLine Series of certified Ricoh printers and MFPs has been carefully selected, tested, restored, and retested to ensure they deliver superb, reliable performance. Ricoh engineers carry out every stage in the remanufacturing process—from initial inspection prior to refurbishing, to the installation of up-to-date firmware and the cleansing of internal hard drives. Throughout the entire process, Ricoh GreenLine devices are treated as if they were brand new.

Certifications and Warranty
The Ricoh GreenLine Series of printers and MFPs carry industry-standard certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and UL Remanufactured) and the same product warranties that all brand-new Ricoh devices carry.

Better Savings for You…and the Environment
While your company benefits from reliable performance and high-quality output of Ricoh devices, your sustainability efforts come out a big winner, too. Relying on remanufactured devices makes a much greater ecological contribution to your company than simply recycling.

One remanufactured device means numerous pounds of plastic and metal are kept out our local landfills.

One remanufactured device means fewer manufacturing and transportation toxins added to the air we breathe.

One remanufactured device means that you can help Ricoh reach their target of reducing CO2 emissions by 87.5% (seven-eighths) by 2050 (compared to 2000 levels).

One remanufactured device means one more way for you to show your clients that you are serious about your ecological commitments.

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