In most every business, at some point sensitive documents will be printed. Legal documents, HR documents, financial disclosures, etc. In order to keep them from prying eyes, or even falling into the wrong hands, some form of security will be required.

One of the most common methods of securing such documents is called “pull printing”, in which a user’s print job is held on a server or on a user’s workstation and is only released by the user once they are at the printing device. Once the print job is submitted into the print queue, the user makes their way to the printer (stopping to refill their coffee cup along the way is always an option). Once at the printer, the user authenticates themselves by using a specific password or an external card-reading device. They then select the relevant job from the list of print jobs and receive their documents.

Most every enterprise-level multifunction printer built today can be equipped with a pull-printing feature.

Flexibility: The user can choose to print to any printer on their network.

Security: Permission levels may be easily controlled to restrict access to sensitive information. Pull printing also alleviates unattended documents left on printers output trays.

Environment: Reduces uncollected paper and waste. Print jobs left in paper trays often get thrown away.

Accounting: Centralized printing solutions often come with additional features such as usage monitoring and reporting.

IT Management: Easier to manage a single print queue instead of having to manage multiple queues.

Improved Productivity: Employees can send as many print jobs to the print queue as necessary, and pick it up in bulk later. If a particular printer isn’t functioning, they can always walk to a different network printer to retrieve their documents.

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