As our world become increasingly digital, surprisingly there is also an increasing demand for printed materials, especially in marketing.

The online space has become so crowded that fighting for everybody’s attention has almost become impossible, rendering many online marketing initiatives ineffective. At least half of people using web browsers turn on ad blockers, but even those who are exposed to the ads have become more immune to them.

Direct mail marketing has made a strong resurgence in recent years as companies try to cut through the digital noise. Just think about your own situation. Compare how you quickly you browse through your email, and then how much more carefully you browse through the mail in your real, actual mailbox.

Up to 90 percent of direct mail gets opened, while only 20 to 30 percent of emails are opened. Not only that, it’s estimated that more than half of households have purchased a product or service based on the information the they received from a direct mail ad. And, contrary to what you’ve been told about millennials, direct mail is just as effective in targeting them – with 92 percent saying they have been influenced to make a purchasing decision by direct mail.

The move back toward traditional marketing methods and printed collateral is a trend that is likely to grow throughout 2019 and beyond, as more companies catch on to the advantages of pursuing these strategies.

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