Today’s business scanners can offer a solution when integrated with medical records and workflow software applications for the healthcare industry. Users marvel at the ease of use and reduced need to make paper copies of patient paperwork. There are a broad range of affordable document scanners with varying speeds and paper handling choices that can help streamline the paper-to-digital conversion an eliminate inaccuracies at the desktop and departmental level. Users can quickly and easily scan insurance cards, forms, charts, or faxes directly into their systems. Whether it is an admissions process, patient records or a doctor’s office, today’s scanners make short and easy work out of converting paper into digital documents.
In healthcare, about 20 percent of the claims submitted by hospitals are denied by the insurance companies. Ninety percent are due to typographical errors. By scanning patient documents, insurance cards and driver’s licenses at patient registration and creating a digital image accessible to the patient’s authorized care providers; hospitals can reduce registration time, solve data inaccuracy problems and improve customer relationships.