Small business and start-up companies are normally operating on a very strict budget. This means watching where every single dollar is going. No matter what size business you have, printing is going to be a necessity. Outsourcing your printing needs is one option for those with spending restrictions. There are many capable companies that offer managed print services to their customers. These companies provide a number of services that can help you to meet your deadlines.

Current research shows that businesses can easily consume more than 6% of their annual earnings by printing in-house. This process factors in a variety of products that are purchased on a regular basis. Here are some of the items that are in this category:

• Printing paper

• Ink cartridges

• Updated software

When you outsource printing needs, you have the option of only paying for what you need. Specific projects can be handled through managed printing. Reports, presentations and other documents can be costly to print in-house for large numbers of people. The time and resources allotted to these tasks is costly, as well. Outsourcing your projects is a good way to save time and money.

Reduce Your Printing Costs

Even small businesses find that they can spend quite a lot of in-house printing. When they outsource they save money over time. This is done by printing only what is necessary. Many businesses have opted to use electronic copies for certain documents. It is important to note that some things are needed in paper form. Those that are unnecessary do not need to be printed, which reduces print costs. Statistics show that 40% of print outs are discarded within 48 hours of being printed. This is a waste of your financial and physical resources.

Track Printing Expenses

Managed printing services come with a lot of advances that modernize the process. Businesses can easily track not only what they are printing. They are able to see and monitor how much they are spending. This allows businesses to stay within their budgets and to better manage their resources. The tracking process can be done from any remote location, which is another benefit.

You can expand your business by simply outsourcing projects like printing. This allows you to better utilize your staff and resources. Managed printing services are a contemporary way to get this work done and succeed in your industry.