MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., December 7, 2016 – OKI Data Americas – a leader and innovator in LED digital printing – announces a new and improved cost-effective envelope feeder for in-house print applications.

The C9DP+ envelope feeder turns the already versatile and graphics-oriented C900 Series of printers into short-run production systems achieving increased efficiency and requiring fewer interventions. OKI engineers conducted extensive testing of OKI Data America’s C900 Series feeders, the predecessors to the C9DP+, to improve its business-oriented envelope feeder.

The new family of printers with envelope feeders, referred to as the C9DP+ Envelope Print Systems, includes the C931DP+, C941DP+ and C942DP+.

Available now, the C9DP+ envelope feeder – with its ease of use and low total cost of ownership – enables users to produce stunning output, offer new services and stay competitive in the marketplace.

“Businesses today are under pressure to streamline operations, improve productivity and save on the bottom line,” said Fabrizio Soto, Vice President, Marketing, Industry Printing and Wide Format at OKI Data Americas. “The new feeder makes it extremely easy for users to switch out envelopes and set up new jobs – customers will spend less time on setup and more time on print production.”

Efficient envelope printing and feeding is essential to a diverse array of businesses. Direct mail, billing and fundraising depend on efficient throughputs with minimal interruptions to conduct business. The Envelope Manufacturers’ Association estimates that 151 million envelopes were shipped and sold in 2015.

OKI Data Americas worked with its customers to create a new envelope feeder that addressed their needs, including:

– Reliability and consistency. Feeds envelopes consistently with fewer interventions – even feeds challenging window envelopes with ease.
– Adaptability to different heights. Can match four-tray and five-tray printer configurations.
– Expanded media support. For different envelope sizes, including Com-10, A2, A6, A7, 9”x12”, 10”x13” and custom sizes 13”x15” with increased efficiency.
– Quick and simple assembly. The C9DP+ assembles in 30 minutes, and only a Phillips-head screwdriver is required – no Allen wrenches.

Equipped with an optional external RIP, the C9DP+ envelope feeder boasts faster job processing, industry-standard color management and short-run personalized printing with support for a range of variable-data printing (VDP) standards including Fiery’s FreeForm™.