Our partnership with Ricoh has allowed us to offer the very latest technology in mobile printing and security with the HotSpot. The Ricoh HotSpot is a mobile printing solution that is scalable for any size business or project. This modern printing technology opens an entirely new array of print options, by taking advantage of the fact that all printing devices connect to the cloud. Whether the devices are company or privately owned, they will be digitally connected. Ricoh HotSpot contains tools that allow you to easily print from any mobile platform connected to the Internet. The HotSpots exceptionality lies in its simplicity. It utilizes the infrastructure of mobile devices everyone already owns, or is available in a plug and play device, so costs and time spent are minimal. This makes mobile printing is fast, easy and secure. The cloud printing solution uses SSL encryption to ensure that your data is protected. Also, print jobs will only be performed when you are at the printer and input the unique print code you received when the print job was scheduled from your app. Finally, the future of printing has arrived.

Ricoh HotSpot Mobile Printing is offered in several ways – delivered within our conventional networked devices (Laser and Multifunction Printers) using a public cloud-based printing solution or installed within your own network (on-premise), keeping documents securely flowing within your own cloud environment.

With thousands of Ricoh HotSpot Printers and MFPs nationwide, the free HotSpot Printing App allows you to access those resources from your mobile device, at any time of the day. Instantly search for nearby printers using GPS mapping, or search by city. Then print your files saved either on the mobile device itself, within your e-mail client list or from your preferred calendar; simply select the print feature from the menu bar and hit “Print.”

To protect against digital security threats, most businesses use antivirus software, permission restrictions and other tools. When it comes to security of your documents, however, the typical business is not nearly as protected from a data breach. If secure information is printed and circulating outside the business, or if the original document is carried off the premises, this defeats the entire purpose of online security tools.

This is where the HotSpot uses its revolutionary printing App. This ensures the document is secure and accessible to print from any location in the world with an internet connection.

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