The wide format printer is now a common sight in many businesses, from small or home offices to multi-department firms. The cost-savings associated with in-house printing have lured many to invest in one of these high-quality machines and they’re already reaping the benefits.

The Wide Format Trend

Large format printers are not new in the printing market. What is new is the rapid advancement in quality and technology that has taken place in the wide format market over recent years and how this technology has become available to more businesses than ever before.

The wide format printer market is incredibly user-friendly and responsive to customer needs. Thus, customers have driven the demand for new technology and innovation, especially in the areas of quality and usability. This responsiveness to market requirements has brought wide format printing to the forefront of business advertising.

The Many Uses of Wide Format

Recent studies have revealed that the uses of wide format printers are broad and varied. Users reported that banners, signs, and posters were the most-often printed items, with photography coming in a close second.

That means businesses are using wide format to enhance their color advertising around their store fronts. Many companies use wide format printers to produce vehicle wraps and free-standing signs that catch eyes and turn heads. The beauty of having a wide format printer in your office is that you can produce as many of these as you like and change directions in advertising quickly without having to wait on a printing company.

The QR code: the interactive print

Not surprisingly, many customers reported including QR codes or other interactive features in their large format prints, allowing customers to respond immediately to advertising. This trend is not new and turns an interested potential customer into an engaged customer in seconds.

Other wide format uses

Users also reported printing drawings, flags, textiles, and proofs with their wide format printers. Further, presentations are an often-printed item since business professionals are frequently in need of high-quality, color graphics to communicate internally and with external clients.

Wide format printing is popular for a reason and is quickly becoming a necessity for many businesses. To learn more, get in touch with Capital Business Systems, Inc.