capitalmds-010517 Over the last 20 years, the U.S. government has issued numerous mandated regulations. A number of them contain directives regarding the protection of personal information. Companies of all kinds and sizes need to understand and implement the regulations that apply to their business.

But which ones apply to you? Capital Business is happy to provide a free white paper that summarizes the most relevant and far reaching of these regulations that include print and document management requirements. With our white paper, you can:

  1. Discover whether your growing business must adhere to government mandated regulations related to document management.
  2. Understand common government mandated regulations and how they apply to your business.
  3. Learn more about regulations to protect against identity theft, patient privacy, loan information and more.
  4. View an easy to read chart that breaks down which kind of industries require which government mandated regulations.

Our experts can help your business develop a print environment and document workflow that supports compliance as well as saves you money and improves productivity.

Download the white paper, or to learn more about the managed services from Capital Business Systems, contact us today!