Do you know how much your organization spends on document production? The cost of a printed document goes far beyond the price of paper, toner, and printers. Most companies are surprised to learn that, for every dollar spent on supplies and devices, indirect costs can be as much as an additional nine dollars.

The True Cost of Printing

Indirect printing costs can include:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Device maintenance and repair
  • Administration and purchasing of devices, supplies, and paper.
  • Document management

What’s the Solution?

Understanding what’s behind your total print spend is key to implementing change. A document assessment can help pinpoint areas of weakness across your entire print infrastructure. Moving forward, a Managed Print strategy may include a number of objectives to help you gain control and save as much as 30% to 50% on your current print spend.

  • Fleet right-sizing— Too many devices or too few? Find the number that’s exactly right for your requirements.
  • Device standardization— Are your support costs skyrocketing because you’re trying to manage too many models with vastly different parts, consumables, and software? Standardization can save valuable time and money.
  • Device downtime— How often do your workflows come to a standstill because of printer issues? A crisis management/break-fix approach is usually cost prohibitive. Proactive device monitoring and routine maintenance will keep your devices at optimum performance levels.
  • Inefficient use of IT staff— Is your IT staff burdened with too many print-related help-desk calls? With Managed Print, a team of print experts is at your service, relieving your IT staff free to concentrate on core business objectives.
  • Use of resources— Wasteful printing habits can add up to a lot of wasted money. Find out exactly how much you’re printing, down to the department and device. Learn how to gain control and spend less.

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