The printing environment at most companies is mismanaged at best. Printing is often times a cost that no one pays attention to or notices.

Many companies are spending 3% of their revenue on printing but 90% of companies aren’t aware of how much they are spending.

That is a very big problem! Without being aware of your printing environment there is no way to control it and that means costs will be very high and your company won’t know how to lower them due to lack of knowledge about the print environment.

It is important for companies to get rid of the chaos involved in printing and run a well-managed print environment.

Many companies have such a wide variety of printers and copiers from different brands and spend money here and there on unneeded supplies.

That is why Capital Business Systems offers you Managed Print Services!

What is managed print services you ask?

  • Managed print services allows companies like yours to keep track of all of their printing and helps you manage supplies and costs.
  • Managed print services offers you control. With the right print software a company can control how, when, and why things are printed and control the cost of what is being printed.
  • Managed print services offers you reduced printing costs: Our services will allow you to have a print environment that is predictable and controllable so that you can stay within budget and control the growth of costs over time.

There are so many great benefits to use our managed print services. Companies that are interested in management and control of printing costs need to find a way to reduce printing among many other things.

If this is something your company is interested in please contact us today to learn more about our managed print services!