Once you’ve made the decision to turn to a document scanner, there are several other considerations to think about before making a purchase. Here are some important things to consider when shopping for a document scanner.

Speed – A scanner that features duplexing capability, scanning both sides of a page in the same pass, will prove to be a huge time saver.
Quantity – To scan large amounts of documents at a time, opt for an automatic document feeder (ADF), one that enables you to load at least 50 to 75 pages at a time.
Usability – Make an assessment of how tech-savvy the employees who will be utilizing your machine are, and then find a unit simple enough for them to program and operate without extensive training.
Flexibility – If you plan on scanning materials other than standard, letter-sized documents, make sure the machine you select is capable of importing items of variable sizes, such as smaller items and legal-sized papers.
OCR – OCR converts printed text into a format that is searchable and editable, enabling users to easily search documents for specific content and edit or extract text or images.
Import to software – A valuable feature of many scanners is software that allows users to import scanned documents directly into programs such as QuickBooks, Outlook, and TurboTax.