Even the best copiers in the world have problems from time to time. While print snags can be frustrating, with a little patience and a little ingenuity, you can keep your office copying and printing smoothly.

Jams Happen

Few things can send an otherwise rational person over the edge like a paper jam. First, stay calm and resist the urge to grab the paper and pull it out. Ripped, torn pieces are more difficult to remove. Modern machines often detail where the jam occurred, so follow these guides. Open the copier and find the best way to (gently) remove the paper, being sure to check for any foreign objects, like staples or paper clips. Once the jam is resolved, ensure that you are using the correct paper for the copier, that it is aligned properly, and filled to an appropriate level (putting too many sheets in the paper tray can lead to jams).

Toner Alerts

When toner starts to run low, you will get an alert. The good news is that you can still get some toner out of the cartridge. Think of it like when your car alerts you that you are getting low on gas; you still have several miles in the tank. The same is true here. This is the time to review your toner supply and order more, but don’t replace the cartridge immediately or you will be wasting money. Today’s copiers are really good at squeezing out every last drop of toner, so use it until it is truly dry and then replace.

Preserving Resources

The cost of copying and printing documents can add up quickly. Because its so easy to just hit that button, most employees are far removed from the financial implications. But creating awareness around costs can help. First, encourage the use of digital documents when possible. This saves on toner and paper, which also aids in sustainability practices. When copying or printing, stick to black-and-white or greyscale, as color is generally 2-3 times more expensive. And, be sure that double-sided copies are the default to save on paper.

Need Help?

If errors and jams seem to be happening too frequently in your business, it might be time for some professional support. For assistance with copier or printer repairs in Denver, Fort Collins, and multiple other areas, contact Capital Business Systems today.