When talking about creating a greener office environment for your business, inevitably we talk about saving paper at the office. Since paper usage becomes such a large part of doing business, it is only natural that we talk about ways that we can save money in this area. Although using paper at the office is a necessity, there are many ways a business can cut down on its paper usage and save money in the long run. By doing so, companies set themselves up for long-term success. Curbing excess paper usage starts with the individual employee. Most people know if they are wasting paper, and stopping paper waste at this level is important. On a company level, there are many things a business can do to stop wasting paper as a whole. Whichever method a business owner chooses to go about stopping paper waste, the long-term effects are almost always positive and help contribute to the overall success of the business.

Ways to save paper include:

Going Digital Whenever Possible- There are many opportunities that a business can take to save paper when it comes to communication in the office. Printing off every memo used to be the standard, but is now being replaced by email. This is true for almost all intra-office communication and can be applied to a wide variety of areas.

Limiting Paper Expenditure by Department- A solid print management system will allow a company to track paper usage by department. This will then allow the company to limit the amount of paper that is used by a specific department. Doing this will make each department more mindful of the amount of paper it uses.

Proofread your Content- There are many times when documents are sent to print without the proper steps having been taken to ensure that they are error-free. Having errors in printed documents only results in more printed versions being needed, so getting it right the first time is a good idea. Proof your documents for errors before printing them to save paper.

Print on both Sides of the Paper- Printing on both sides of the paper can literally cut your paper usage in half. This is especially useful in interoffice communications and can also be used for documents meant for your clients. Typically, there is no reason why both sides of the paper cannot be used.

Applying these paper saving methods to the everyday operations of your business will result in a great deal of paper being saved, which will turn into money saved at your office. Contact us today to learn more!