When we say Go Green, what do we really mean? For most contemporary businesses, this means making strategic advancements towards more environmentally sustainable practices. It means employing the “3 Rs” — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle — and so much more.

At Capital Business Systems, going green means offering smart solutions such as managed print and document management, as well as supporting our customers in their day-to-day functions. A recent study shows how timely these goals are.

The Move For Paper Reduction

Cultivating a paperless or partially paper-free office environment is more important than ever. Most businesses agree that doing business via paper won’t be a viable option in the future. Also, organizations understand that paper is a productivity killer and that going paperless can boost efficiency.

Reducing paper is also important for both a company’s bottom line and for the environment, yet many organizations are actually seeing an increase in paper consumption. This is unfortunate for many reasons. First, paper waste is costly, both in terms of ROI and in terms of the environment. Second, paperless office are able to respond to customers much more quickly and boast more efficient workflows.

Paper is a Thing of The Past

A look at the way businesses handles paper flow shows flaws. Many businesses still print electronic invoices or make photocopies of papers that can easily be scanned to electronic documents. There are fewer and fewer reasons to keep or print paper documents.

One of the easiest solutions for offices is to adopt a document management service. This service will help you keep control of your electronic documents while making it easy to go paperless. With document management offering improved workflows and a boost in productivity, electronic documents have never been easier to maintain.

Let Capital Business Systems help your office go green with document management and other smart solutions. Contact us today to learn more.