Document Management Systems


In today’s hyper-connected offices, any person and any company can become the victim of ransomware and any other type of cybercrime. Document management services help your company create a defense against fraudulent behavior, both inside and outside of your organization. Here’s how:

• Reduced risk with secure email: Business emails often contain pertinent business information, sometimes even sensitive information. They can always run the risk of falling into the wrong hands, yet we insist on sending them. Document management solutions can improve the security associated with emails, because they direct documents to the proper approver based on unique business rules, eliminating the need to email them back-and-forth. Information is sent to a queue within the document management solution and an email is sent to the appropriate approver to let them know that the secure queue has documents that need their attention.

• Improved compliance: Many businesses must adhere to specific government mandates that include document retention regulations, requiring that certain business information is required to be kept on-file for a set amount of time. Previously, these documents would be kept in a filing cabinet or box in a storage room in the basement. Today, most businesses do so digitally. In order to remain compliant with government retention regulations, a business must have a clear and defined organizational and storage system in place to show auditors or other authorities. Additionally, document management systems allow for improved organization and easy retrieval of archived digital documents.

• Automated rules: Document management systems are built on rules that are not dependent on humans and are therefore not susceptible to fraudulent or malevolent activity through human interference and manipulation. Instead, the rules run independently and automatically, every time a document is accessed, secured and archived.

• Prevention of internal data breaches: Your employees trust you, an in-return hope that you trust them. That trust, however, can occasionally be broken. When sensitive information is just sitting in a filing cabinet, even a locked one, it can still be accessible. Additionally, digital files may be sitting in folders on an employee’s computer desktop, leaving them just as susceptible to data breaches. Document management systems assure that data is never accessed, changed or deleted without the proper permissions. Administrators have the ability to set up system permissions so that only authorized employees have access to certain types of information and can only take certain action on that information. This prevents sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Document management services can be an important tool in preventing fraud, both within the walls and outside of your company.

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