The 2014 Printed Electronics Symposium in Las Vegas will focus on the future of this industry. Print activity touches virtually every single field. Offices in various industries function in some way because of printing activities. This is true whether you outsource your print jobs or do them onsite. The symposium is being held on October 21-22 and will showcase advancements, as well as, deliver information for those involved with printing.
Print electronics will be highlighted at this event. The technology related to these electronics has a strong connection to the larger print industry. These are some of the electronics focuses:
  • New Inks
  • Conductors
  • Inkjet Printers
  • Flexible Electronics & Batteries
Each of these areas makes it possible for businesses to efficiency do their print tasks. Managed print service companies also benefit from the advancements this industry. Future forecasts are used to show the strength of printing and the many directions that are available to new businesses.
Printing Options
Attendees of the symposium will be able to visibly see advancements in the industry. Printing options in various areas are going to be showcased. One planned topic for this event is Printing Electronics on New Substrates. The possibilities to this process will open the door for other industries and niches in printing. Another topic at the event is Ink Jet, Screen Printing and Optimizing Flexo Technology for Printed Electronics.
Alternative Focuses
Alternatives are important to every industry. These are often focuses where the newest products are introduced. One topic in this category is Flexible Displays & Touch Sensors. Attendees will get a good idea of what is working currently in this focus. It is also helpful to see futuristic applications for alternative focuses.
The 2014 Printed Electronics Symposium is a great event for those new to the industry. This event provides information about specific successful areas in printing. You will also be able to see exhibits related to the advancements that technology and electronics have made. The future of printing is heavily impacted by continued inventions, advancements and new products. Outlooks are extremely strong for the industry particularly in the areas of commercial printing and marketing materials.