Copiers & MFPs

Multifunction systems offer the combined ability to print, copy, scan, and fax, all from one convenient device. Capital Business Systems provides the latest and most powerful multifunction, printers and copiers available, allowing your business to increase productivity and cut costs.

Printing – Multifunction print systems typically offer lower operational costs and increased productivity than traditional laser printers. They can include finishing features such as stapling, hole punching, and booklet making.

Scanning – With multifunction products, scanning documents and converting them to digital format has never been easier.

Copying – There are a number of copying features provided by multifunction devices, such as scan-one-print-many and the ability to increase the quality of copies by adjusting the resolution.

Faxing – Multi-function devices offer options that traditionally aren’t included with fax machines, including inbound fax routing, faxing directly to your document management system, and desktop faxing.

There are numerous advantages to utilizing a multifunction device. Because one machine is now performing the jobs of multiple devices, small or medium sized organizations don’t need to purchase as many. An MFP device saves floor space. This is especially beneficial in a small office setting. Machines and computer equipment produce clutter, so anything to lower that space allotment is beneficial. MFPs also typically operate faster than their individual printer counterparts. Finally, MFPs rely on a single set of consumable supplies for their output options. Because each device uses the same ink tanks and toner cartridges, you no longer need to stock up on supplies for different brands and models of technology.

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