Cloud Printing Benefits


The cloud is changing the way we think about IT, allowing us to perform all manner of tasks much more quickly and easily.

For businesses, printing is an area where the cloud is having a large impact in a number of ways – from enabling mobile users to print documents from anywhere, to making printing more secure.

Cloud printing services allows your employees to print form any web-connected device that they may choose to use (phone, tablet, laptop, etc). The service routes and manages print jobs to an internet connected printer. It allows employees to discover all of the printers connected to your network and to print to them without having to download and activate the requisite drivers on their device(s).

Additionally, it enables documents to be queued and stored and printed on request so it doesn’t matter whether the selected printer is switched on or off.

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may not have a dedicated IT team or may outsource their IT needs. In these cases, leveraging a cloud printing service may give them access to tools and technologies that were previously cost prohibitive.

There are numerous other benefits to using a cloud printing service:

Budget: Using a cloud print service to meet print-on-demand needs enables businesses to lower the costs related to mass production as well as eliminating the need to procure, deploy and manage hardware and software.

The Environment: Cloud printing can help organizations reduce their carbon footprint by lowering the carbon emissions caused by unnecessary device and supply transportation, as well as reducing the amount of waste generated by unmanaged printing.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): With cloud printing, employees are able to use the device of their choice to print, without having to worry about compatibility and drivers, reducing the need for help desk support.

Software Updates: Utilizing a cloud print service eases software upgrades and can ensure that they happen automatically and in real time.

IT Simplicity: The cost to install and maintain a cloud printing service can be far lower than the cost of investing in your own in-house IT infrastructure.

While business printing might not be quite as prevalent as it once was, it still makes up a crucial part of the IT processes at many companies, meaning that cloud printing is becoming more and more essential if these businesses want to ensure that all of their IT assets are properly joined up.

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