Here at Capital Business Systems, we believe it is important to promote and participate in the sustainability of our environment through green printing habits. In the pursuit of this, it is necessary to make conscious efforts towards reducing paper use and encouraging smarter printing. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint of your business, the financial and productivity benefits are worthwhile in minimizing paper dependence in a mainly paper-run office. While a truly paperless office may be unachievable, implementing paper-free processes is a realistic and sustainable goal.

Reasons to Move towards a Paperless Office

In an office that serves clients on a daily basis, information often needs to be accessed quickly in order to serve a given client. Searching through a filing cabinet seriously increases your response time and reduces your ability to provide quality customer service. Through document management, any employee can access the needed information at any time. Not only that, but your company can significantly reduce the amount of information being printed.

Employees who need access to information outside of the office for client meetings or business trips can also access information as needed. Rather than printing a stack of documents for their reference, they can simply access materials remotely. This is more efficient, saves money and paper.

As effective as document management is, there will still be a need to print documents. However, sometimes these print jobs are ill-managed. Through Managed Print Services, you are given control of the way your office prints.

The combination of Managed Print Services and document management allows your company to significantly reduce costs, time spent looking for information and your carbon footprint. Making the move towards a paperless office is truly worth it, as the benefits clearly show.