Wide format is one of the most exciting workplace printing opportunities to come along in a long time. New technologies, fast turn-around times, UV resistant inks and papers combined with lower prices have helped to put wide format within everyone’s reach.

A World of New Possibilities

It doesn’t take long to come up with an exciting world of new possibilities when it comes to wide format applications. With on-site wide format printing, your organization can eliminate expensive outsourcing costs and frustrating time delays. Consider these possibilities:

Retail Industries

The retail sector is uniquely poised to benefit from wide format printing.

  • Point-of-sale signage reminds customers to take advantage of sales.
  • Free-standing floor banners draw attention to new products.
  • Street-level banners and pop-ups bring customers in the door.
  • Window banners and backlit signage make your store stand out from the crowd.
  • Portable pop-ups and retractable banners make tradeshow signage easier to manage.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Wide format printing has long been a necessity for AEC applications. Print color blueprints and schematics on-demand and on-site to keep up with changes and additions.


Draw attention to annual events, promote community pride and awareness, and welcome visiting dignitaries and celebrities with wide format style.

Education & Healthcare

Promote special events, increase patient awareness and welcome visitors.

Art & Photography

On-site wide format printing capabilities deliver some welcome benefits to artists and photographers.

  • Maintain artistic control.
  • Take advantage of short-run, on-demand printing to fulfill orders quickly.
  • Eliminate time wasted by outsourcing.
  • New ink technologies and paper choices deliver new artistic possibilities.

Find out how a wide format printer in your organization’s workspace can open up a world of new possibilities. Get in touch with the expert staff at Capital Business Systems to learn more today!