The purpose of using green technology in any area is to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Reducing pollution and bettering the environment is another overall goal. The print industry has developed technology that is green by definition. It means using fewer resources in a sustainable way. Current printing processes are said to release 30% volatile organic compounds or VOC into the environment. Green methods of printing include recycling materials and utilizing already recycled items like paper products.

Managed printing services are a way that many businesses use to organize their printing needs. Companies that offer these services allow you to track what you are printing. At the same time, you can look at costs associated with the process. Although these companies do a lot of printing, some of them offer options that are green to their customers. This is an opportunity to apply techniques that are cost effective and eco-friendly. Let’s take a look at some of the green technologies of managed printing.

Benefits of Recycling

Many individuals recycle their household products on a regular basis. This puts back into rotation materials that can be reused. The same concept is applied to green printing technology. Paper scraps and cut off materials are things that can be recycled in this industry. In many cases, it is possible to recycle these items into printing paper. Companies that apply these strategies are not only protecting the environment but saving money.

Less Waste Production

Every business generates a variety of waste items that can be recycled. Green techniques are used to produce less overall waste. Managed printing services when used wisely allows you to print only what is needed. The businesses that choose this option can reduce the amount of printing that they do. Here are other things that are reduced with green techniques:

• Printing paper
• Ink
• Equipment use
• Electricity

Green technologies have produced printers that are more efficient. Printing companies have selected more effective tools in their business. All of these work to make printing more environmentally-friendly. You can reduce your costs in this area by applying methods that lessen waste in printing.