Choosing to lease or purchase equipment is a big decision and both bring with them a number of benefits. Copier leasing is becoming an increasingly popular option among businesses. It allows you to maintain a fleet of the latest copiers and printers while not being subjected to the pitfalls of purchasing. Here are some of our favorite reasons to choose a leasing option:

  • Optimize Maintenance: With copier leasing, you don’t have to worry about maintenance of your equipment as this is included in the contract. We will make sure that your equipment is always up and running as it should be!
  • Low Initial Cost: With copier leasing you are not subjected to high costs at the time of purchasing. It can be difficult in this economy to go out and purchase a fleet of the latest and greatest copiers and printers. Leasing allows you more flexibility in the short term.
  • Implement New Equipment: When you purchase new equipment, you are stuck with it until you decide to sell it or purchase new equipment. You can upgrade the equipment you are leasing as new machines become available.

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