Wide Format

When it comes to wide-format success, size is only part of the equation. Nothing is worse than finally hanging your poster or banner and realizing that it doesn’t look anything like you anticipated.

If attention-getting wide format is what you’re after, read our tips to get the most impact from your efforts.

1. Less Really is More

When it comes to wide-format graphics, it’s tempting to go overboard—way overboard. After all, there’s a lot of real estate to cover, so it seems to make sense to get as much for your money as possible. The trouble is, when too many graphics or text is involved, your message and brand may not get noticed at all. Keep things clean and simple with one, awesome headline and a simple rendition of your brand. Once you’ve gained your customers’ attention, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to send more messages.

2. Avoiding Blurriness

You’ve probably seen more than a few wide format graphics that printed with blurred edges. Even with good resolution, it’s easy to make this mistake. To avoid the problem, choose vector graphics over raster art. Rasters rely upon those square pixels everyone loves to hate. The geometric equations used by vectors skips pixels for flawless images and sharp text. And even though vectors are the best choice for most wide format banners, in the case of photography, it’s critical to choose a high enough resolution (200-300dpi actual size) for good results.

3. Take Time to Preview

By preview, we don’t mean having a look at the image on your computer screen or even a small print-out. Printing at actual wide format size is the only way to be certain you’ll be pleased with the final result. Print out a small section for the best way to check resolution and legibility.

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